Be Rooted In God's Word

Jeremiah 15 : 16


Jeremiah, a prophet of God during a difficult time in Israel's history, suffered rejection and persecution. Yet God's Word produced deep joy in his heart.

Today, just like Jeremiah's day, we Christians face challenges and persecutions in different ways and forms. However, deep joy will be experienced only when we are rooted in God's Word with great desire and humility.

By studying, meditating and making sure we are diligent, the Holy Spirit will make a big difference in our lives by giving us a very good understanding of the Word.

The Word of God has the power to produce faith, joy and build up character. There is more wisdom and meaning in the Word of God than any other book.

Today many people are looking for joy, praying for joy but remember: deep joy can be found in the Word of God.



By: Faustina