God is Good

Believer, be encouraged.  Expect God's goodness daily.  He has made you an overcomer.  The temptation you go through is common to man.  Others have have been able to resist so you can too.  God is faithful.  He knows your limit and He will make a way of escape in times of temptation
God has not left you alone.  You have the Holy Spirit to work through you so you can endure. You also have the Word of God as the greatest defense to the devil.  Like the faithful, you need to make a choice to listen to God.  It is time to follow God closely to embrace personal responsibility through His Word, the Word of God, for your spiritual growth on a daily basis. Learn not to be enticed with the things that do not please Him.  God is constant in His ways.  Will you recognize the freedom He brings your way in times of temptation? 


God  richly bless  you.


By Faustina