How do You Get to Know God?

In the Bible you read first hand accounts of Jesus, Who is the image of the invisible God (Colossians 1:15). He came so we could get to know Him (God) for real, and there are 4 books in the Bible that detail His life and character (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John). Start there if you want to get to know Him more.



Why is it good to get to know God?


Because everything that He does flows out of His character. Like in Psalm 143:9-12, where the writer, David, is praying. David cries out to God and makes requests based on aspects of His character, including; that He is righteous, His Spirit is good and He is a safe place.


If you know the Person behind all the orchestration and direction of your life, you will know that as His child:


  • you are secure 
  • you're being brought deeper into life when you follow Him 
  • He is concerned about you
  • He's never distant of heart



How do you get to know God?


He shows you Who He is in His Word, the Bible. It is full of stories about Him and people who have met Him and had their lives changed. It is full of His own words to you, and the messages He wants to give you.


In His Word, you see His heart on display. You see His desires. His plans and hopes for the world, for people, for YOU. Like in Psalm 104. In this description of the majestic natural world, you see that God is powerful, creative, has an unmatched eye for beauty, and is incredibly smart - far beyond our limited minds! He provides for all the creatures of the earth. He wants people to enjoy creation and live in peace and joy with it and Him. He hates the destruction of His good creation, and though He is longsuffering with our destructive generational habits, soon, He will put a full stop to our selfish ways to make it all new again (Isaiah 65:17-19).


What kind of Person is this, Who can be so unbelievably patient despite being so invested & caring so purely, so intensely, about people destroying the world? READ to find out!


For You, O Lord, are very great! - from Psalm 104.


By Anyaeleh