The Lord is Coming Soon

So how are you walking with the Lord in this temporary world which is twisted and filled with lots of uncertainties and challenges?


Many people do not know what to do.  Everywhere there is lying, anger, pain and hurt.

But, for believers, we are journeying to God's kingdom and so we need to focus on the things of heaven and be rooted in the Word of God.  This will help us to then not allow anybody or anything,  to control or capture us, with the vain and empty philosophies of human thinking.


Beloved, the Lord is coming soon with His reward so here are some questions:

  • Where do you stand?
  • Do you know Him?
  • Are you ready for His return?


One thing is for sure: having a deeper relationship with Him will bring a big transformation in your life. So today, let thoughts of heaven fill you and with the time available to you, train your mind to dwell  in His presence.


Peace be to you.


By Faustina